• Ultra Botanic Skin Serum Lotion

    The Ultra Botanic Serum Lotion
    is a powerhouse product as it
    packs a combination of their
    unique serum and emulsifying
    lotion. It has the nutritional
    advantage of a serum, and the
    hydrating ability of a lotion.
    In addition, core ingredients
    such as Prickly Pear, Baobab
    Bark, and Resurrection Plant
    extracts, allow the emulsion
    to be absorbed quickly. Its
    combination formula promotes
    revitalized and healthy skin!


    Ultra Botanic Skin Serum Lotion

  • Ultra Botanic Skin Water

    The Ultra Botanic Skin Water is an essential product for any
    beauty routine. A first-step skin toner, it contains seven plant ingredients that provide superb hydration (Cactus Flower, Prickly Pear, Resurrection Plant, etc).
    It works gently to improve

    skin tone and texture, while restoring strength to the skin barrier. Being scent, alcohol and colour free, the toner is great for sensitive or dry skin!


    Ultra Botanic Skin Water

  • Ultra Royal Leaf Mask

    The Ultra Royal Leaf Mask is
    a luxuriously soft two-step
    sheet mask, that combines the
    goodness of Gold and Royal
    Jelly. The set comes as 2 patches
    to be used on desired areas,
    and a whole sheet mask. This
    enhances overall skin repair
    and improves protection against
    external pollutants. The gold
    works to rejuvenate the skin
    with its anti-aging properties,
    while the Royal Jelly promotes a
    healthy glow!

  • Ultra Time Return Eye Serum

    The Ultra Time Return Serum
    is a product designed to target
    brightening and anti-aging.
    Formulated with a combination
    of plant and pharmaceuticalgrade
    ingredients, it provides
    multiple benefits. Components
    like vitamins and peptides
    boost skin elasticity; while plant
    extracts such as organic aloe
    vera and green tea from Jeju
    Island- revitalize the skin and
    protect it against free radicals.


    Ultra Time Return Eye Serum

  • Ultra Watery Eoseongcho Cleanser

    The Ultra Watery Eoseongcho
    Cleanser has a buttery-balm
    like texture, that easily melts
    on contact with skin, making it
    an efficient makeup remover.
    Camilla oil and Chia seed
    then work to hydrate the skin,
    along with the revitalizing
    “eoseongcho” extract. It
    removes impurities from the
    pores and leaves the skin feeling
    clean, radiant and moist!