Keep Cool Shine Fixence Mist


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“3-in-1 Glow-Fixer Mist For Long Wear Makeup”


Keep Cool’s Shine Fixence Mist is a multifunctional item that delivers moisture and locks your makeup for long wear makeup. Three functions: essence, mist, and fixer are united in a small mist! This is great for spritzing on your face on any step of your routine,  after shaking the container a few times to mix the two separated water and oil layers. Containing ingredients that will improve skin tones, this will nurture a brighter skin. Any skin can use this mist safely, with the miniscule droplets landing on your skin evenly, ending with a semi-matte non-sticky skin!

Editor, Yulia Park

at a glance

Key ingredients

  • Contains 3 different ingredients that will bring out radiance beneath the skin.
  • Contains black cumin seed oil, nurturing a healthy & even skin texture. 
    * Pearl extract, glutathione, vitamin complex

Key ingredients

  • Pink liquid with a separated water and oil layer.
  • Mist type that has fine dispense power
  • Absorbs quickly and has smooth and soft finish


  • Feminie floral & fruity scent (Depending on your preference, you may feel the scent strong)